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Expression EP

This is a collection of expressions of deeply felt emotions and feelings mixed with creativity. This is my way of expressing and sharing the goodness and faithfulness of God though the power of creativity. 


1. Yahweh Intro Ft. _Splen

2. Grateful

3. My Heart Ft. Skiffy

4. You Fit Make Am

5. My Love Story (Piano)

6. You Fit Make Am Ft. Moses Israel (Unplugged)

7. God Is Good Outro Ft. Jovanni

Hey meet the amazing people that worked on this project

Mr. Jovanni (Vale), Victor Agun, Deji Revay, Debby Godwin, Abraham Ademola Zack, James Sefa, Isaac Dachomo, _Splen Julson, Israel Moses, Skiffy, David Akoh, Tapsha Timothy & Erh Temitope

Know each Song


Yahweh Intro Ft. _Splen

This song was birthed during a conversation with a couple of friends, talking about life, future, Love and relationship. well that was just the music without the lyrics on the song. This piece reminds me of the gift of friendship, gives me a view on how people see life, Love and relationship, and how much meaningful conversations can be impactful

_Splen on Vocals

Produced By Mandul Johnson


Original Song composed by a dear friend a colleague, Erh Temitope. He’s a wonderful pianist and Composer. he gave me the permission to write a second verse and also add this to my collection. Here i’m expressing how grateful I am for so many things God has done in my life. I’m not mentioning any right here but YEAH!!! God has been faithful and I’m so GRATEFUL

My Heart Ft. Skiffy

sometime in 2019 i started working on this song, it was composed from a more musical perspective with so much emphasis on musical prowess, but the one thing I was sure of was “My Heart”. This song also has some Jacob Collier influence cause i was on a Collier diet at this point. 

But this song expresses my desire to be totally surrendered to my creator, which can be challenging, but I’m ready to go.

I always had skiffy in mind to sing this song and I’m glad she agreed to sing with me. Skiffy wrote her verse and she came from the point of the prodigal son who knows the father is so loving and ready to accept His child. then a surrender back to the Father.

  • Vocals Skiffy
  • _Splen (BGvs)
  • Mr. Jovanni (Drums)
  • Mandul Johnson (Piano, Bass, Acoustic Gtr.)

Produced By Mandul Johnson

You Fit MAke Am

About 8 years ago this song song was written. we were quizzed to write a song in pidgin, being a unifying language in Nigeria. This song was written to inspire hope to its listener, heal a broken heart and put a smile on someones face.  

“You Fit Make Am” you can make it. a song written by Mandul Johnson and Israel Moses, is a wonderful song that will inspire you and get you going.

  • Debby Godwin (BGvs)  
  • James Sefa (BGvs)  
  • Mr. Jovanni (Drums)
  • Abraham Ademola Zack (Electric Gtr)
  • Mandul Johnson (Piano, Bass, Acoustic Gtr.)

Produced By Mandul Johnson

My Love Story (Piano)

If your screen looks dark just TAP THE SCREEN

This is my Epic Love Story expressed in a simple piano Solo.

One lovely evening I called this lady I was trying to woo, this was like FOUR days after I texted and she didn’t reply. Well as the Person shooting my shot I called her, we exchanged pleasantries and then I asked if she saw my text. She replied she did, but didn’t feel it was necessary to reply……. WOW!! she said text messages where old fashioned, and I should send her messages on Whatsapp if I want a reply…. (Guys I cherish text messages, Like I really do). Okay I’ll cut the story short, well I eventually got angry but managed it till the call was over.

I was so angry and was thinking how selfish this girl was and how she wanted everything to play to her rules and Blaa.. Blaaa… Blaaaa…… Then I paused and wondered!!! what if i was the selfish guy wanting my own rules followed and not really concerned about the other person.

It even got more interesting when I said to myself “Could this be how Christ wants a relationship with me and I keep wanting things my own way, making my own rules and excuses?” 

I sat on my piano and expressed how I felt. Let me stop here please…. Enjoy 

You Fit Make Am Ft. Moses Israel (Unplugged)

Since I wrote this song with this wonderful brother, I thought it would be really nice to express the song in another way and to have him sing on it.

  • Moses Israel (Vocals)
  • Tapshak Tomothy (Acoustic Gtr.)
  • David Akoh (Piano)
  • _Splen (BGvs)
  • Mandul Johnson (Bass Gtr. Acoustic Gtr.)

Produced By Mandul Johnson

God is Good Outro Ft. Jovanni

One very creative night sitting in the studio, cant really remember how I was feeling but I certainly know i was in a flow state. I didn’t even realise the volume of my music was loud and it was a bit late. Then my friend Jovanni came into the studio and was like……. “Man what is this sound I’m hearing” it was this african flavoured, jazzy feel….. and as my trusted drummer, i asked him to give me a solo…

Yeah he pushed me to do a solo ( I’m not really good in piano solo’s) I had to rehearse several times before getting my solo on this piece.

  • Mr. Jovanni (Drums)
  • Mandul (BGvs)

Produced By Mandul Johnson

Special Appreciation

To all my technical guys who took out time to listen to this project and gave me their honest opinions which eventually made this project better….. Thanks guys

  • Victor Agun (Lift Music)
  • Deji Revay
  • Isaac Dachomo 

Available July 3, 2021